What made our clients happy

Anisha made a great impact to the team - She brought in some of the best talents in the industry, built a high performing culture and she was was great at managing the OKR implementation at Fave and Groupon. One of the best things about working with her is that she always made sure that our leaders invested in both the people and the business, recognising that both are crucial for overall team success.
Joel Neoh
Founder | Entrepreneur | Investor
From the leadership workshop organized by OPT, I gained insight into the flexibility of leadership styles, understanding that while there may be a dominant style, it's possible to switch between them based on the situation.
I highly recommend OPT's workshops for other founders and HR leaders, especially for companies that are at a similar stage to ours, as they adeptly understand our needs and consistently deliver honest and valuable content. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the energetic team and found the content perfectly tailored to our requirements.
Jason Tan
CFO and Co-Founder | Rainforest
OPT's approach to learning is not just theoretical; it's practical and tailored to each organization's unique needs. The insights gained were immediately applicable, and gave the team a lot to think of. The interactive nature of the workshop was a standout for me. The dynamic discussions and real-world examples shared by the facilitators made the concepts come alive; making it immediately actionable in our day-to-day operations.
Ivan Lim
Head of Strategy | Hartamas Real Estate
Knowing that Anisha is overseeing our first Spark Summit provides me with peace of mind and allows me to focus better. I wholeheartedly recommend to friends who may not be ready for a full HR team to collaborate with Anisha to discover how HR and People can truly elevate a company. The content was a delightful mix of gaining clarity on our company's direction and engaging team-building activities that made our work enjoyable.
Julie Ng
CEO and Founder | Vase.ai
In my mentorship with Anisha, her practical HR experience from top companies (Groupon, Maxis Fave) and her ability to provide clear action points stood out. She doesn't just give solutions; she asks the right questions, helping me think deeper. She helped me adapt to different HR stakeholders, and I'd recommend her for her fresh perspective, direct feedback, and deep HR knowledge. With her help, I've made significant progress in this area.
Andrei Perevalov
Head of People Operations | Virtual Internships
I've had a great experience with OPT. They truly understand our needs and work closely to achieve our objectives, offering valuable suggestions aligned with our goals. Their client-centric approach, boundless energy, and unwavering commitment have made our engagement truly pleasant. The session they conducted was engaging and reflective, allowing us to enjoy while gaining a deeper understanding of our colleagues, which has positively impacted our working relationships. It was a simple, practical, and enjoyable event.
Jo-Ann Low
Head of HR Strategy | Maxis
OPT, particularly Anisha, played a key role in achieving our HR objectives, notably in hiring and organizational discussions. What I liked most about working with OPT was Anisha's seamless integration into our team and her effective representation of the company to all candidates. I would definitely recommend OPT and their services.
Beth Samuel
Head of People & Culture
I value my mentorship with Anisha for the insightful conversations and fresh perspectives she provided on HR knowledge and processes. She was also super helpful in addressing challenges with quick, clear solutions. As a new HR practitioner, I recommend Anisha for her hands-on expertise and positive mentoring approach, making it enjoyable and insightful to work with her.
Dwiki Agus Hariyono
HR Executive | Food Market Hub
Anisha has been instrumental in driving many of our initiatives, including but not limited to Growth Summit (physical, virtual and hybrid), Fave's Got Talent, Fave Awards and many others people-related initiatives! She puts her heart and soul in everything she does, and I have no doubt Anisha and her team at OPT will do wonders
Chen Chow Yeoh
COO and Co-Founder | Fave
Working with OPT for our Christmas Party at BloomThis was an exceptional experience. One of the standout qualities of OPT is their ability to work efficiently within the budget constraints while still delivering outstanding results. They have a keen understanding of their client's needs, ensuring that every aspect of the event is both engaging and relevant to our company culture. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence are why I would highly recommend OPT for organizing corporate events.
Penny Choo
Co-Founder | BloomThis